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Sous vide makes good home cooking great
and effortless.

Great cooking and sous vide go hand in hand, with precise temperature control key to creating amazing dishes. Sous vide is simple and with times and temperatures clearly defined for all ingredients, all you’ve got to do is set your time and temperature and you’re ready to cook sous vide!

Sous Vide at home in 3 simple steps:



Seal your food in an airtight bag. This is easily done just with a resealable food bag, vacuum sealers are optional.


Immerse the food pouch in your Codlo waterbath once it reaches the right temperature. You’ll find all the right time and temperature settings in our free sous-vide guide. Codlo does the rest and you only attend to it once it’s done.


Your meal is fully cooked after a minimum cooking time. For items like steak, you can sear it for just a few seconds each side to brown it. Dinner is ready, enjoy!

No more overcooking, ever.

Sous-vide cooks everything at exactly the perfect temperature so that it's just right. Instead of having the usual layers of burnt to raw in your steak, enjoy top-restaurant quality right at home – juicy, tender and evenly cooked from edge-to-edge.
Specifically designed for the practical home chef.

Healthy (and tasty) eating made possible.

Sous-vide brings out the best natural flavours in food, retaining maximum nutrition with minimal addition of fats. With juicy proteins and tender vegetables at your fingertips, sous-vide is the ideal complement to your active lifestyle.

Easy, guaranteed results. For everyone.

Not everyone can cook, but anyone can sous-vide. We’ll let you know the best time and temperature settings – so it’s truly set-and-forget, just like an oven. With mind blowing results, every single time.
Easy, guaranteed results. No matter what your skill level.

Rediscover your entire home cooking repertoire.

Food cooked just right tastes amazing. You can enhance everything you've ever cooked with new exciting textures. Fancy some buttery salmon, moist chicken breasts and goo-ey lava-like egg yolks? See how we've taken a simple spaghetti carbonara to new heights by simply incorporating the sous-vide technique.

Gourmet meals that saves you money.

Sous-vide cooking transforms tough, lean and often cheap cuts into mouth-wateringly tender results. Just like the prime cuts, but 6x cheaper – what’s not to like?
Specifically designed for the practical home chef.

Lightning-fast cleanup.

All you need to do is pour away the water in your cooker. Done. Really, it’s that simple. Are you ready to try sous-vide?

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