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We hope you’re well, all geared up for the upcoming festive season and the general end of the year winding down. It has been a crazy busy month for us with lots of stories and progress to share with you:

Fresh out of the oven: Codlo’s ultimate sous-vide recipe guide is already in your inbox!

You may have recalled from last month’s update that Antony, our book designer, was ill but recovering, but he was still in no condition to continue his work. Given the time left, we decided to take matters in our own hands. But... we've never dealt with Adobe InDesign before ourselves.

Here's where Xi is an absolute star. He rose to the occasion, picked up InDesign in lightning speed to complete and finalise the design of the book you see in your inbox today. Writing the book is just 1/3 of the challenge. Design and editing equally took up tons of effort and Xi not only contributed his design and photography skills, but also helped loads in reviewing and editing of the book - the book wouldn’t have been so awesome without him!

There are loads of useful sous-vide information in the book (not to mention 35 lovely sous-vide recipes to try), but we’re particularly proud of our Temperature Charts - all of Grace’s messy sous-vide cooking notes are finally summarised into nice, legible charts:
The Codlo Sous-Vide Guide looks great when read on a tablet. We should know, we’ve tested them all!
If you’re unsure on how to get them on your tablet easily, just follow the guidelines below:

Android: We recommend SmartQ Reader which fast-loads the graphically-rich format 
iOS: We recommend using iBooks, here’s the instructions if you need them 
KindleTransfer your downloaded PDF to your Kindle to start reading
Windows: Our backer John recommends Adobe Reader Touch app for Windows tablets

We hope you enjoy reading our book: this is a pure, personal labour of love from us to you. Grace was the one who cooked, tested and crafted the all the recipes, while Xi photographed and designed the ebook.
A glimpse of the whole Chinese BBQ pork ('char siu') cooking and testing process by Grace, photographed by Xi. Recipe found in Codlo's Sous-Vide Guide and Recipe Book.
As our backers, you will get FREE future updated versions of this book, and we’ll notify you when a new one is up so you can download it right away! You can find your copy in your Kickstarter email. It should be from ‘Grace Lee’, sent yesterday! We would love to hear your feedback, and you can always reach out to us personally anytime if you’ve any questions.

Final stages of tweaking UI and sound, more testing needed before official certification process
Things are still challenging on this front, but we’re making cautious progress. We’ve worked hard on mapping out how the user interface (UI) works, equipped with sound, and have been testing it for the past 2 weeks and are implementing the final changes to the UI. That’s one big challenge nearly done! Here’s a short video showing what happens when Codlo is fired up:

We’ve also made a prototype with near-final pre-production PCBs, which represents as close to the final product would be, and it’s undergoing some more pre-compliance tests and reviews. We have done a lot of preparation upfront, and hope to receive the green light for the go ahead to order components to make units for official certification testing.

However, if a problem is detected at this pre-compliance stage, it needs to be rectified and may delay the process for sending test units for certification. We have our fingers (and toes) crossed here for this and will keep you posted. Meanwhile, the Codlo team has been swamped in terms of starting to source non-critical components to arrive in time for assembly next month.

What’s a jig? 
In a product assembly, sometimes custom-made fixtures are used to help speed up the process. For Codlo, we needed something simple to keep our hands free while soldering the final parts together near the pins and the sockets.

Our jig (or fixture) needs to be made out of a durable but soft enough material that will not damage the faces of any of the component parts but will hold them securely during assembly. Here’s the final jig result:
It has an aluminium base with model board to hold the various parts, with rubber linings to protect Codlo’s surface during operation. It certainly looks lovely and useful but cost a fair amount to make as it’s a one-off custom made tool.

Our first sample from our injection mould tools!
A sneak peek of Codlo in beautiful, sleek black. Note that this is only a sample plastic colour the factory had to hand at that moment though, Codlo is still coming in white with your favourite colours! We still need to check the finishing and fittings, and need to wait for another round of samples in the right material and colour before we finalise tooling. Happy times :)

We hope you enjoyed this month’s update - Happy Thanksgiving, and make us hungry by sharing pictures of what you’re cooking through TwitterFacebook or G+!

Grace, Xi and the Codlo crew


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