Hello Codlers, 

We hope you’re well and have not devoured your Sous Vide guidebook all in one sitting - although many of you have sheepishly messaged us about that! Not that it’s a bad thing :D

This month’s schedule is crazier than usual given our deadlines and the upcoming holidays. We experienced a couple of highs and lows in the process that we wanted to share with you:

Hello Codlers,

We hope you’re well, all geared up for the upcoming festive season and the general end of the year winding down. It has been a crazy busy month for us with lots of stories and progress to share with you:

Fresh out of the oven: Codlo’s ultimate sous-vide recipe guide is already in your inbox!

You may have recalled from last month’s update that Antony, our book designer, was ill but recovering, but he was still in no condition to continue his work. Given the time left, we decided to take matters in our own hands. But... we've never dealt with Adobe InDesign before ourselves.

Here's where Xi is an absolute star. He rose to the occasion, picked up InDesign in lightning speed to complete and finalise the design of the book you see in your inbox today. Writing the book is just 1/3 of the challenge. Design and editing equally took up tons of effort and Xi not only contributed his design and photography skills, but also helped loads in reviewing and editing of the book - the book wouldn’t have been so awesome without him!

Hey Codlers,

October has been a manic month, but lots of progress on various workstreams to share with you. Let’s dive into it right away!

Codlo’s rice cooker is here, and we’re upgrading it for you for free!

Our rice cooker sample finally arrived - check it out! For those who followed us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you may have already seen it earlier last week. 

Oooh, by the way, we’re also upgrading the cooker from 2.2L to 2.5L (15 cups) for all our backers, for FREE! A little more space means more yummy sous-vide cooking!

The dark, matte exterior will nicely match any Codlo colour you’ve chosen. This is pretty much how the final version of the rice cooker would look, we just have a couple of tiny tweaks in design to incorporate in the final version.

Hello Codlers, 

London Design Festival took place earlier this month and we’re inspired by all the amazing work of the global creative community. In line with that spirit, we wanted to tell you more about the detailed work that goes into the design and manufacturing process of Codlo in this month’s update.

This post was republished from our 16th Kickstarter update.

Dear Codlers, 

Thanks for your patience, we’ve got lots to tell you about our first month’s progress! 

Fill in the initial backer’s survey 
If you haven’t completed the initial backer’s survey, please do so now. About 75% of you have done that (thank you!), but we need all the initial information on your colour and plug choices to put in our component orders. *Warning* I will personally nag you if you haven’t send in your response by mid of September ;) 

Note that we’re NOT asking for your full shipping address at this stage (just state and country), so don’t worry about this for now as another final survey will be sent out for your latest shipping address once Codlo is ready. 

This post was republished from our 5th Kickstarter update, it was too good to miss!

We find that sous-vide can sometimes be quite tricky to explain in words. Since we can’t be right next to you and your friends whipping out all the yummy stuff for a taste test, we thought the next best thing is to show you some images and videos - a picture is worth a thousand words, after all. Share this post with your friends!

Here are some notes and musings on why we think sous-vide is amazeballs:

Many of life's best moments occur over the dining table - where friends, family and food all come together for a fun occasion. I've always admired how the party host managed the incredible feat of cooking whilst entertaining without a sweat. 

Have you ever wondered how to host your own dinner party, stress-free? 

Whether you're inviting a few friends over for a casual dinner, or planning a bigger bash, hosting a cool dinner party doesn't need to be nerve-wrecking event. Having had a fair share of party-planning over the years, here's the secret to organising one that will impress without the stress. 

espagnole sauce
Great for hearty roasted or pan-fried meat dishes, Espagnole sauce (a.k.a brown sauce) is one of the more complex one amongst the French mother sauces. An important sauce to learn for every great cook, as it serves as a starting point for demi-glace and many other great secondary sauces such as Bordelaise, Chasseur and Robert.

This sauce is made from brown roux and brown stock (roasted bones), with addition of tomatoes towards the end. The process may be rather involved if you choose to make your own brown stock, but the resulting flavour makes it all worthwhile as its freezable in your ice cube trays. A little upfront effort on a weekend for weeks of easy, amazing meals seems like a no-brainer to me.   

April is a great time to get in touch with nature, feel the moisture of the earth, watch the lovely budding flowers and start bringing some green into the kitchen with our favourite spring herb. Minty treats and colours fill up our Food Moodboard this month.

I will be forever grateful to Christopher Columbus; his greatest deed for me personally, was initiating the spread of chilli peppers the world over.

As the story goes, during the 15th Century, black peppercorns were so valuable that the Catholic Kings of Spain sent Christopher Columbus off on a mission to find a new and quicker route to the pepper source in the Spice Islands, via the West. Of course, we all know that he didn’t make his way around and “founded” America instead.

He first landed in the Bahamas Archipelago and from there he ventured his way along the islands of the West Indies and came across an indigenous fruit that set his tongue on fire. Either he tried to deceive himself and in turn deceive the Kings waiting for him back home, or he was truly mistaken, we would never know…but he did duly named them pimiento which means pepper. These were in fact the red chillies we know of today, and not the pepper he was looking for.

Thanks to him, I now have a buffet of lip-smackingly spicy dishes from all over the world to sample from.

Some of you might omit chillies from recipes because of the uncomfortable burning sensation but here are a few reasons to start adding them into your dishes while being able to thoroughly relish its heat.