This post was republished from our 16th Kickstarter update.

Dear Codlers, 

Thanks for your patience, we’ve got lots to tell you about our first month’s progress! 

Fill in the initial backer’s survey 
If you haven’t completed the initial backer’s survey, please do so now. About 75% of you have done that (thank you!), but we need all the initial information on your colour and plug choices to put in our component orders. *Warning* I will personally nag you if you haven’t send in your response by mid of September ;) 

Note that we’re NOT asking for your full shipping address at this stage (just state and country), so don’t worry about this for now as another final survey will be sent out for your latest shipping address once Codlo is ready. 

Latest prototype and colours 
Right after the campaign, we went straight into finalising the Australian version design to ensure it fits perfectly with Codlo. We made another set of prototypes to physically test the 3D models we’ve created, as the measurements of every single connected parts needs to be accurate to a fraction of a millimetre. 

We’ve also been testing more faceplate samples for the past month to ensure it’s tropical weather-proof, water-proof as well as in the right shade and quality. So once we’ve received the prototypes and agreed on our final colours, we’ve assembled all the various colours and plug versions of Codlo for a little photo shoot for you all - enjoy!
Hello Codlo! (From left to right) Lime Green, Graphite, Premium Silver and Firebrick Red Codlo. 

2 things to note here:
  • The temperature probe colour for Lime Green is a prototype, the final version would match the same shade as the faceplate.
  • We didn't receive a complete set of Premium Silver from our supplier in time, hence you may notice that both the faceplates have the word 'Codlo' on them. This is not the final form of course, but this would be the exact finish and colour for Premium Silver.
The 4 plug and socket variations for Codlo (from left to right): US, Europe, UK and Australia.

We hope this helps in deciding your Codlo colour, do fill in the initial backer’s survey (if you haven’t already). If you have filled it in, but wanted to change your colour choice, that’s OK - all you have to do is fill in the survey again and mention in the comment box that it supersedes your previous entry.

Further improved user interface 
We’ve also put in more thought about our user interface (UI) to further simplify and make the user experience even better. Just by observing how people interacted with Codlo without any instructions, we could easily check our assumptions and make things more intuitive for our users. Here’s a sneak peek into Grace’s scribbled UI notes and her artistic attempt on drawing Codlo’s screens:
Your Codlo guide, now with 3x more material 
Lots of exciting stuff going on on this front! 

At the beginning of our campaign, we envisaged writing a 50-page sous-vide guide.Now, we decided to do much more. 

We wanted to include all our learnings for sous-vide cooking so far that took years to learn, so that you know all the neat tips and tricks for more awesomeness in the kitchen. 

We also wanted to share more recipes with you, but not just for variety’s sake. Each recipe is designed to be of minimal fuss but have maximum impact. They are carefully crafted by level of complexity but more importantly, by the type of cut and ingredient. This is key for sous-vide cooking, as understanding the characteristics of an ingredient will give you a better sense of the effect of time and temperatures combinations on the result of your cooking. This way, once you’ve tried out all the recipes in our sous-vide guide book, you’ll also be equipped with a strong understanding of the fundamentals to be able to craft, create and adapt existing recipes for sous-vide cooking! 

Writing a course-like book requires more materials and recipes to be complete to our standards. And guess what? With Xi’s amazing photography skills, we have crafted, tested and approved 20 additional new recipes and completed the first draft of the sous-vide guide book with nearly 150 pages of crazy awesome material - right on schedule! Yup, we had a whole month of madness in the kitchen that’s for sure. 

Suffice to say there is some vigorous testing of the recipes until we're happy that the results are significantly more awesome than typical versions. One such example was the sous-vide Chinese BBQ pork, which took at least 8kg of pork, testing various cuts with 7 different combination of methods and finishings. Here's a picture of Grace using a blowtorch to see if it caramelises the pork better in one of the tests!
We’ll tell you more about the recipes in our future updates, but for now you can always see snippets of what we’re cooking (or up to) through our Facebook or Google+ pages. Don't forget to say Hi there!

All in all, we’re on schedule, and keeping a tight watch over the various work streams in the coming months.

What’s next? 
  • Thanks to the prototype, we’re able to make final adjustments to our model, and we’re ready to put in an order for the injection mould tool in September. 
  • We’re doing more UI and electronics tests to ensure they would be compliant with various local safety standards, before finalising the printed circuit board (PCB) design. 
  • The first rice cooker samples are due to arrive in September, so we’ll show you pictures of this in next month’s update. 
  • The sous-vide guide book will be designed and undergo further revision and editing. 

Until next month! 
Grace, Xi and the rest of the Codlo crew 

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