Many of life's best moments occur over the dining table - where friends, family and food all come together for a fun occasion. I've always admired how the party host managed the incredible feat of cooking whilst entertaining without a sweat. 

Have you ever wondered how to host your own dinner party, stress-free? 

Whether you're inviting a few friends over for a casual dinner, or planning a bigger bash, hosting a cool dinner party doesn't need to be nerve-wrecking event. Having had a fair share of party-planning over the years, here's the secret to organising one that will impress without the stress. 

Easter Sunday. The time of the year when eating chocolate, instead of just a pure personal indulgence, becomes a serious social affair.

We’re not just munching on chocolate eggs or exchanging chocolate baskets anymore, there are chocolate making workshops to attend with the kids, visits to the chocolate factories and even chocolate-themed educational trails in the park.

Over three millennia, chocolate has evolved from the sacred Mayan religious drink, an Aztec traded currency, and later a luxurious beverage of the European upper classes, to the billion-dollar candy industry it is today. But what hadn’t changed is how chocolate is still as prized and sought after as ever - £500m worth of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are estimated to be sold in the UK each year.

Today we want to encourage even more chocolaty hedonism by giving tips on how to pair it with wine. It will certainly add an exciting twist to your Easter brunch party this Sunday.

But first of all, why do we think it’s a great match?

Tips for an Impressive Dinner Date at Home
Image from cookingwithlisa
Cooking for that special someone is a very personal gesture that shows sincerity, care and generosity. It brings a whole new experience to a relationship and is more intimate than just another restaurant date.  

Whether you have just started dating each other, or if your anniversary is coming up, the same principles apply. Keep things simple and easygoing - the focus should be on the two of you.

On the bright side, cooking for two shouldn't be stressful and is easier than hosting a dinner party. Just one caution though: generally, at-home dinners are not really suitable for a first date. We know you're keen to impress, but getting to know each other better through a few more dates beforehand is a better bet.

Without further ado, here's our top tips on details you need to focus on to make this dinner date at home extra special.