Hello Codlers, 

We hope you’re well and have not devoured your Sous Vide guidebook all in one sitting - although many of you have sheepishly messaged us about that! Not that it’s a bad thing :D

This month’s schedule is crazier than usual given our deadlines and the upcoming holidays. We experienced a couple of highs and lows in the process that we wanted to share with you:

Codlo aced the pre-compliance tests!

Woohoo, Codlo passed our internal pre-compliance testing without any problems! Our product safety engineer, Mark, bashed (how could he?!) and pushed Codlo to its limits in various tests, and Codlo prevailed.

Amongst the tests done was a temperature test. We had to measure the internal operating temperature of Codlo to make sure it remains relatively cool despite running for days - this is important for component longevity and making sure the right plastic material is used.

Overall, these tests are a reasonable representative of the actual certification tests that Codlo will go through, giving us greater confidence that we will pass them without any major issues.

Unexpected delay in sourcing - Codlo estimated to ship in May

Despite the great news on the testing side, we unexpectedly ran into some component-related challenges. Our combined circuitry that forms Codlo’s electronics have an extensive list of individually specified components. To maximize our chances of passing our safety tests, we needed to triple-check and verify each specification, and this took longer than expected as it was exacerbated by the coming holidays, slowing down Q&A discussions.

Additionally, although informed of our orders for December a few months before, some of our component suppliers didn’t make our stated delivery time and only informed us 2 weeks ago about this. Urgent, incoming larger orders were prioritised first and our smaller order for building test units was pushed back.

This is very disappointing for us, and especially for Grace: she’s been near maniacal in ensuring all aspects of the project have been sticking rigorously to schedule. Despite extensive discussions with our suppliers, our understanding is that these things do sometimes occur in manufacturing - large order sizes swing a lot of weight, and suppliers prioritize according to their business interests.

So what is the impact of these delays? Our original date of sending Codlos for certification has been pushed back, therefore we have to update our estimated shipping date from March to May 2014. We are sorry about this.

We also asked ourselves: what can we do better next time? How can we, as a tiny startup in a sea of behemoths, position ourselves to better smoothen the production of Codlo? How can we be more time-efficient in our processes, discussions and decisions?

That’s why we decided that...

Your Codlo, designed and made in UK
We are committed to make Codlo in the highest quality possible at the right price for you, in order to make sous-vide easy, fun and accessible. We feel we can do that better with Codlo made closer to (at!) home, and consider this a worthwhile endeavour even though this would certainly be costlier to achieve.

Nothing beats being able to visit the manufacturers nearby within a train ride away to check on the manufacturing processes. We would also be working largely in the same time zone, and that means discussions threads will move faster, leading to quicker decisions and a smoother workflow.

We designed Codlo in London, UK, and it’s only fitting that Codlo rolls off the assembly line in the UK as well.

Newly updated Codlo Sous-vide Guide - share it with your friends and family this holiday!

Just in case you’ve missed this, check your inbox for your free, updated Sous-Vide eBook.
What has changed? Here’s a quick summary: 
  • New recipe added: a new, easy yet luxurious Lobster Linguine recipe. How can one not have a sous-vide lobster recipe to try? 
  • Additional edits done: with special thanks to backers Scott Gartner and Anne Stoye - they have kindly offered their expertise to review and edit our book from end-to-end. We couldn’t be luckier to have such an amazing, supportive community like you guys! Our friend Chris Young from Chefsteps and Modernist Cuisine also wrote an amazing foreword for this book. 
  • Watermark-free: We’ve listened and considered your comments on this, and you are right. It is more important to us that you have an enjoyable reading experience and have fun learning about sous-vide. The latest version of Codlo Sous-Vide Guide would now be free of watermarks and easily shareable, get yours here nowAll we ask is that you share your sous-vide knowledge with your friends and family over dinner this holiday season! You can download your free eBook directly from our website at go.codlo.com/cookbook - just put $0 in the price field.

It’s been a crazy year for us, and we’re more than halfway there towards getting Codlo made. Thank you for your immense support, it’s the best present that anyone could hope for - the opportunity to spread and share our vision for sous-vide with you all.

Happy Holidays and we'll see you next year! 
Grace, Xi and the Codlo crew

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