Sous-vide used to be intimidating because you're just never sure what time and temperature to cook something for it to be amazing. There just wasn't any super handy reference guide all in one place that you can have a quick check now and then. 

Until now.

Our founder, Grace studied, experimented and consolidated all her sous-vide learnings into 7 epic infographics, just for you! These are excerpts from Codlo's Sous-Vide Guide & Recipe Book, which is free to download here.

Happy cooking and sharing!

Sous-vide Egg

Inspired? Here are some sous-vide egg recipes to try:

Sous-vide Chicken, Duck & Turkey


Sous-vide Pork

Once you've learned this, you gotta try making our wildly popular, Momofuku-inspired Sous-vide Pork Buns! More pork recipes can be found in our free Sous-Vide Recipes & Guide Book.

Sous-vide Fish & Shellfish

There's so much potential to try new textures when delicate seafood ingredients are cooked just right. Check out these simple recipes to taste the difference:

Sous-vide Beef & Veal


Sous-vide Lamb

Lamb is wonderful when cooked sous-vide. There are so many forgotten cuts that undergoes a magical transformation under this low and slow cooking method. I urge you to try these recipes:

Sous-vide Vegetables

Vegetables often get overlooked in sous-vide cooking, and they shouldn't! Sous-vide brings the best out of them and shows you how they should taste like - firm, naturally sweet and flavourful bites. Perhaps just enough to make you hit for 5-a-day without even looking! Try sous-vide corn first, it is pretty mind blowing.

Over to you...

What is your favourite sous-vide recipe so far? Any tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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