Hey Codlers,

October has been a manic month, but lots of progress on various workstreams to share with you. Let’s dive into it right away!

Codlo’s rice cooker is here, and we’re upgrading it for you for free!

Our rice cooker sample finally arrived - check it out! For those who followed us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you may have already seen it earlier last week. 

Oooh, by the way, we’re also upgrading the cooker from 2.2L to 2.5L (15 cups) for all our backers, for FREE! A little more space means more yummy sous-vide cooking!

The dark, matte exterior will nicely match any Codlo colour you’ve chosen. This is pretty much how the final version of the rice cooker would look, we just have a couple of tiny tweaks in design to incorporate in the final version.

Sous-vide recipe guide book
Since September, we’ve been working hard with our book designer Antony on this. At the beginning of October, just at the final stage of completion, Antony suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis and was hospitalised for 3 long weeks. Thankfully, he is much better now and was sent home to rest this week under the watchful eye of his dear wife, who is rightfully concerned and forbidding him from doing any work!

Antony’s pretty bored of resting and itching to complete the design though - rest assured he should be up and about soon to complete the design changes (we’re 90% there really), and the Codlo Sous-Vide Guide Book will be sent ASAP to you in your email inbox before the next update.

PS - Antony mentioned that he was constantly hungry while working on our book, that’s always a good sign :)

Our first prototype packaging
We’ve also initiated a brainstorming session of Codlo’s packaging and here’s what we came out with (do excuse the half-naked Premium Silver Codlo):
There’s certainly more to do, but it’s a good first start. Our goal is simple: we want Codlo to arrive at your doorstep all the way from London unscathed, but more importantly, we want you to have a great experience right from the start. That’s all we’ll share for now, we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Electronics: moving forward on user interface with a final prototype prior to certification
Things are more challenging on the electronics front as Codlo is designed to be safe, easy to use and provides accurate temperature control. Programming got a tad complicated given the vast amount of scenarios Codlo could operate in, and it took 2 weeks longer than anticipated to analyse these to ensure compliance with the upcoming certification process (of various regions).

So we’re a little behind where we’d like to be right now, but this upfront investment in time would ensure that we minimise risk of delay and are well prepared to answer any questions that may pop up during the safety certification tests. We have also preemptively identified some time-saving efficiencies on the certification side that hopefully get us back on track in terms of schedule.

We’ve made significant inroads on this work stream with Steve (engineer), Jon (designer) and Mark (product safety) this month. We’re excited to report that we’re ready to make a final electronics prototype to test and make sure everything is OK, prior to ordering components and making test units to be sent to the certification labs by early December.

Another big milestone achieved!

A sneak peek into the plastic tools made

Our tooling process is nearly done - here are a few pictures from the tooling process:
The picture on the left shows the injection moulding tool for the back shell for Codlo being made. Working from a solid block of hardened steel, a drill is carefully guided to carve the complex shape it needs to manufacture Codlo’s back shell, shaving off nano grams of material at a time. The design is complex and needs to account for material flow channels and cooling profiles - important in controlling for our precise dimensions and surface finish. This process will result in a durable and precise tool to help manufacture your Codlo units!

The picture on the right shows the completed tool for the front face of Codlo, ready to rock and roll. We expect to receive our first plastic samples in November, we’ll show you more once we receive them in time for the next update.

Vote for Codlo for UK’s most innovative small business!

Finally, finally, we’ve been nominated by Smarta this year to compete for the title of UK’s most innovative small business. We’ve been too busy with Codlo to tell you about it earlier, but it would mean loads to us if we win this. We need your help - VOTE FOR US NOW (only 24 hours left in the competition) to shoot us all the way to the top of the leader board!
Thanks for being awesome as always! 

Happy Halloween,
Grace, Xi and the Codlo crew


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