Hello Codlers, 

London Design Festival took place earlier this month and we’re inspired by all the amazing work of the global creative community. In line with that spirit, we wanted to tell you more about the detailed work that goes into the design and manufacturing process of Codlo in this month’s update.

An update on design workstream

-- Tooling has started --  

Since our last prototype, we’ve worked intensively with our plastic moulder to analyse and discuss the best way to design the tool (yes, after designing Codlo we also need to design the tool that makes it!).

The tricky bit about this process is making sure that the plastic parts would not have sink marks - which is a depression (or dimple) on the plastic surface - mainly due to excessive shrinking of the plastic material after it cools. There are various factors that can affect sink marks (and it’s a whole discipline itself), we’ve reviewed and made adjustments where necessary to reduce such risks, and have started the tooling process!

A milestone that brings us closer to getting Codlo made.

-- Some thoughts on plug compatibility --

Simplicity can be really hard to design. It took monumental effort and tons of iterations for us to get to the Codlo design you see today that achieves all our objectives. One of the challenging part was designing for compatibility with 4 different plug types (UK, US, EU and AU/NZ). It’s like designing a stretchable spandex outfit that works for a giraffe, elephant, gorilla and tiger at the same time!

We made it work. What’s more, we noticed that US-style wall socket plugs had different orientations depending on the households (why, oh why?!). We’ve seen examples rotated every 90 degrees on the wall socket. And Codlo works with all 4 orientations as we want (or rather insist that) your experience with Codlo is awesome all the way through.
If you’re a US-style plug backer, we will contact you later nearer to shipping to get your full address and confirm order details and orientation. Don’t worry about messaging us right now.
-- See YOUR new interchangeable probe design --

We also wanted to show you how YOUR (yes, you!) new interchangeable probe design works now. We’ve just received our first prototype of the new probe with 90 degree jack and it fits perfectly, woohoo!

Rice cooker samples have not arrived in time

Unfortunately, our rice cooker samples were delayed by another 2 weeks as the initial version produced doesn’t completely follow our detailed specification. Sorry for the delay, we’ll show you photos of it once we receive the right samples. That said, we are still very early in the process here and it should not impact our delivery schedule.

Good progress on electronics

We’ve received the first iteration of updated UI and have been testing / playing with it for the past 2 weeks. It’s not 100% right yet, but we’ve got a long list of detailed feedback for the next iteration that should get us much closer to that target.

We are also doing more safety reviews and checks to make sure the electronics design, components and overall operation would be fine for the safety tests that Codlo will be going through. Product design, electronics, safety and manufacturability - they are all interrelated disciplines and changing an aspect in one can have a domino effect on others, that’s why even tiny changes may take some time to implement.

Managing your orders

We’ve gone through the survey, thank you for filling it in. We now remember all your names by heart!

For those of you who haven’t completed it yet, we have contacted you on this. We will also contact you to clarify things if there are discrepancies in your survey entry vs. your pledged amount - so please check and respond to your Kickstarter-registered email.

We’re doing all these upfront prep work to make sure that we’re super efficient when it comes to getting ready to ship your Codlo to you. So thanks for your cooperation in advance on this!

Codlo’s sous-vide guide book design nearly done! 

We’ve gone through a few design iterations of the book this month, and are just putting some finishing touches to it before sending our final draft off to our foodie friends for comments. That’ll take a week or two before it’s ready for you in next month's update!

What’s next?

The next critical stage is to get the first pre-production samples for a review, which would take 4-6 weeks from now. It’s kinda like baking a cake for the first time, you need to check if it doesn’t sink (ahem) in the middle, whether you’ve baked it right, do a couple of tweaks to the recipe for the perfect crust and crumb.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s update and the discussions around design. We’re working incredibly hard in between the updates, and we already looking forward to bringing you the next one!

Yours truly, 
Grace, Xi and the Codlo team


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