Sous-vide used to be intimidating because you're just never sure what time and temperature to cook something for it to be amazing. There just wasn't any super handy reference guide all in one place that you can have a quick check now and then. 

Until now.

Our founder, Grace studied, experimented and consolidated all her sous-vide learnings into 7 epic infographics, just for you! These are excerpts from Codlo's Sous-Vide Guide & Recipe Book, which is free to download here.

Happy cooking and sharing!

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We find that sous-vide can sometimes be quite tricky to explain in words. Since we can’t be right next to you and your friends whipping out all the yummy stuff for a taste test, we thought the next best thing is to show you some images and videos - a picture is worth a thousand words, after all. Share this post with your friends!

Here are some notes and musings on why we think sous-vide is amazeballs:

Teochew braised duck sous vide version
Teochew duck - sous-vide version
With Chinese New Year (CNY) just around the corner, it never ceases to evoke fond childhood memories of this merry celebration - the jubilant atmosphere, abundance of red (representing good luck) and of course, the glorious food spread in Malaysia!

Like other major festivals of different cultures, CNY is the opportunity for families and friends to gather for a big catch up after a busy year. Each household/family generally has a designated main gathering spot, usually hosted by parents or the eldest sibling in the family. 

One of the things I missed most is my Teochew aunt's signature CNY dish, the Teochew Braised Duck. 

Teochew cuisine originated from the Chinese cities of Chaozhou, Shantou, and Jieyang in Guangdong province. Teochew cooking is all about natural flavours and high quality ingredients, hence it's tendency to apply healthier methods such as poaching, steaming and braising.

For such a majestic dish, it was exhilarating to discover that my aunt's recipe is surprisingly simple. "The key to this dish," she whispered to me, "is to get a good quality duck" - very Teochew indeed. Here's her recipe along with my (adapted) sous-vide spin on it.

10 important things to know about sous-vide cooking
Is sous-vide a one-for-all solution for our cooking needs? 

Not necessarily. 

Amidst the wave of discussions on how sous-vide may change the future of home cooking, it's common the experience information overload and confusion.

Although most foods cooked sous-vide have incredible taste and textures, we are still likely to stir-fry our vegetables, boil our pasta and bake our quiches. So yes, ovens, saucepans and woks are here to stay. Sous-vide, however, is a useful addition to our existing kitchen toolkit. You'll be surprised how easily you can integrate it into your daily meal preparation.

Here, we share our likes and dislikes (& how to overcome them) from our experience of cooking sous-vide at home.

I have all these mouth-wateringly inspirational recipe books lining up neatly on my shelf just taunting me.

It’s not like I don’t constantly dream of doing more home cooking, but after a long day at work, all I really want to do is to spend no more than 15 minutes in the kitchen and get-it-over-and-done-with, definitely not the haute cuisine that those glossy pages invigorate.

Recently though, I have been introduced to a cooking trick that can change my despair on never being able to live up to this domestic goddess dream.

Now I can place a piece of steak in a super device, head out to the gym, and then come back for a perfectly done dinner.

The secret? A cooking technique called sous-vide.