April is a great time to get in touch with nature, feel the moisture of the earth, watch the lovely budding flowers and start bringing some green into the kitchen with our favourite spring herb. Minty treats and colours fill up our Food Moodboard this month.

In the spirit of spring, we are advocating serving food with attitude and colour. This month’s food moodboard brings you bold dining accessories to welcome the season.

As temperatures continue to dip and most of Europe covered in snow, a nice cuppa thaws the skin and comforts the soul, offering much more than warmth, which is exactly why tea, in all its glorious permutations will be at the centre of this month’s Food Mood Board.

With Blue Monday just over, we all need a great pick-me-up. What better for a cure than luscious chocolates!

Macadamia nut and chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate, chocolate fondant and soufflés grace this month's Food Mood Board.