This post was republished from our 16th Kickstarter update.

Dear Codlers, 

Thanks for your patience, we’ve got lots to tell you about our first month’s progress! 

Fill in the initial backer’s survey 
If you haven’t completed the initial backer’s survey, please do so now. About 75% of you have done that (thank you!), but we need all the initial information on your colour and plug choices to put in our component orders. *Warning* I will personally nag you if you haven’t send in your response by mid of September ;) 

Note that we’re NOT asking for your full shipping address at this stage (just state and country), so don’t worry about this for now as another final survey will be sent out for your latest shipping address once Codlo is ready. 

This post was republished from our 5th Kickstarter update, it was too good to miss!

We find that sous-vide can sometimes be quite tricky to explain in words. Since we can’t be right next to you and your friends whipping out all the yummy stuff for a taste test, we thought the next best thing is to show you some images and videos - a picture is worth a thousand words, after all. Share this post with your friends!

Here are some notes and musings on why we think sous-vide is amazeballs: